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SpectrumVOIP, in partnership with the Diocesan Information Solutions Community, has developed a very aggressive discount initiative for all Diocese affiliates, including schools.


Save thousands and keep people safe. Get a brand new, state-of-the-art cloud phone system installed for free with optional overhead emergency alert system that you can initiate from any phone on campus. No up-front cost whatsoever.

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Why YOUR Organization Should be Adopting a Cloud-Based VoIP System


Churches, schools, and non-profits all have one thing in common; you are all on a budget. Converting to a hosted VOIP system like SpectrumVOIP usually comes with a much-needed cut in costs averaging 30% or more.

Additionally, with SpectrumVOIP, brand new state-of-the-art equipment such as desk phones, conference systems and routers are already baked into the phone bill so there is no cost to get started.

Easy to Use

With hosted VOIP, there is no phone system on site for you to maintain or support. That is all done by the phone company themselves. For you to make changes, simply log into a website, then point and click your way to do what you want.

Flexible for Any Situation

Whether it’s outreach ministry, community work or administrators working remotely, people aren’t sitting at their desks all day. The advanced features you get from VOIP such as voicemail to email, smartphone and desktop apps for taking your extension with you, and video conferencing from anywhere allow your employees and volunteers to stay productive.


Your system is set up for you the way you want it by the hosted VOIP company prior to installation. Want to make a change with your SpectrumVOIP system but don’t want to log into the website? Simply pick up any phone, dial “help” and they will make the change for you.

Why Partner With CLOWD & Spectum?

Over 15-Years

Providing Hosted VoIP Service

Unlimited Features

★  One flat rate plan

★  No additional charges

★  No upfront fees

★  All features the Stratus Platform offers

150,000+ Happy Clients

We are adding more every day!

Platform & Tech Advantages

★ Stratus Customer Portal renowned for “Ease of Use” 

★ Rapid tech upgrades 

★ Future proof your business, no additional charge

Privately Owned

Our Headquarters is in Plano, Texas.

Unlimited Experience

★ Unlimited Training

★ Professional Installation ★ Unlimited Support

The Unlimited Package

Voice Features

★ Auto Attendants
★ Click to Call/Screen Pop
★ Video and Audio Conferencing
★ Call Forwarding (manual or programmed auto)

★ Monitor, Coach, and Join
★ Call Center Queuing
★ Caller ID Name & Number
★ Dial by Name Directory
★ DIDs with local presence
★ Page & Intercom
★ 3 or 4 Extension Dialing (multiple sites)
★ Individual Voicemails
★ Presence Monitoring (BLF/Speed dials)
★ Message / Music on Hold (Customizable)

Stability Features

★ Prioritized Voice (QOS) w / Router
★ Automatic Failover in case of internet failure

to a second source

★ Automatic Failover to other locations or message with power failure

★ Multiple Data centers

Mobility Features

★ Find Me / Follow Me
★ Voicemail to Email Notification

★ Mobile Application
★ Softphone
★ Remote work from home

Management Features

★ Stratus Admin Portal

★ Stratus Reception Console

★ Call Center Reporting

★ Stratus User Portal

★ Call Logging

★ Call Recording


Stratus Web Portal

Stay productive and secure when you’re doing business from virtually anywhere with Stratus Web Portal.

  • Overflow queues

  • Customer Routing for VIP Clients

  • Time-based Routing

  • Music on Hold / on Hold Messaging

  • Queue Stats on Wallboard

  • Reporting Tools via Web portal

  • Monitor/Coach/Join

  • Full-Time Call Recording with (Free 30-Day Storage)

The Process

Spectrum VoIP Process.png

Tech & Pricing

Spectrum VoIP.png
$19.95 per month/per seat
Unlimited features
Free Installation
Free Training
Spectrum VoIP.png
$17.95 per month/per seat
Unlimited features
Free Installation
Free Training
Spectrum VoIP.png
$9.95 per month/per seat
Free Installation
Free Training

Why Work With CLOWD?

Here at CLOWD, we work with over 500 of the most popular web applications and services, including over 20 of the most popular hosted VOIP platforms as well as internet companies.  Let us do an assessment of what features you are most interested in, then we will procure a list of the best providers for you. Next, we will request quotes from these providers using our “blind bid” process so no salespeople will be calling you.
This $4995 service is free to all non-profits.


Contact us today for a technology strategy assessment and be on your way to a
more efficient and effective organization with happier employees.

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