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Commercial Realtors

As Commercial Realtors and Property Managers, you care about your clients and want their move-in experience to be as seamless as possible. Typically, the first thing a client will do after signing a lease or purchase agreement is to look for infrastructure such as internet and phones.

That's where we come in.

We will provide your clients, free of charge, with a carefully curated report outlining exactly which providers service that address and their pricing. We will collect bids on multiple products such as internet, telephone systems, security cameras, and point of sale systems. Once a decision is made, we'll facilitate contracts and an introduction to the vendor for coordinating installation. 

Imagine what that can do for your referral business...

How it Works

We are independent agents with access to over 600 business applications and providers. We are paid a commission by whichever provider we guide your clients to, so we are not motivated to put them into something that isn't the right fit. Your clients will receive a complementary internet provider report with pricing, multiple bids for hosted VOIP based on needs, multiple quotes for a cloud-based security and access control system, as well as multiple bids on point of sale. After contracts are signed, they work with the providers directly for installation and training, when they use our free services--there's no downside.

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Why it Works

All of our consultants have at least ten years of experience in Enterprise level internet, VOIP, and SaaS applications. You can trust we will guide your tenants into the right technology for them.

Let's Work Together

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