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What VoIP Features Do Car Dealerships Need?

At CLOWD, we are experienced in consulting with automotive dealerships throughout California, so we're familiar with your operations and what challenges a high-quality hosted VOIP system can address.

VoIP Phone Systems for Automotive Sales

Sales in the car industry is the tip of the spear for revenue. Every sale lost is potentially lost revenue for not only the profit of the sale, but profit from future service. So capturing that sale is very important.


Car dealerships spend a lot of money on advertising to drive sales calls and drop-ins to their store. However, it’s often difficult to determine how successful these efforts are, how to ensure new salespeople are getting the best sales training when talking to customers and how to keep prospects that you earned through advertising from following the sales rep to a competitor when they switch to another company.

Custom Reporting

With a proper VOIP system, management can easily extract data showing how many calls into their store came from specific marketing efforts. These reports can be gleaned from the system as well as a visual representation on the screen with graphs and spreadsheets to be seen at a glance.

Call Monitoring & Whisper

With call monitoring, sales managers can not only listen to salespeople on the phone, they have the ability to “whisper” in real time. This means they can give instructions to the salesperson through the phone without the other party hearing them.


Additionally, they can “barge” the call and talk to the other party. This can help with training and even your close percentages.

Wall Boards & Call Mapping

High end VOIP systems allow you to “call map” each call meaning you can click on the calls that came in, see who picked up, where did the call get transferred to and even listen to a recording of the call. This is all very valuable information.

Wireless App

Since salespeople are out on the lot, they often give their cell phone numbers for prospects to follow up with them. However, with attrition rates of car salespeople close to 60%, that’s a lot of salespeople taking prospective clients that you paid to capture over to another dealer.


With a VOIP app, they can have a phone number assigned to their cell phones as a second number that you own. If they quit, you can assign that number to another rep easily.

VoIP Phone Systems for Automotive Service

The service department is arguably the busiest department in the store. There is a lot of back and forth between customer and service writer. These service writers are moving around, looking at vehicles, checking with parts, etc. Additionally, customers often mistake quotes, timelines, etc and this miscommunication can cause bad online reviews that effect your bottom line.

Wireless App

With the wireless app, service writers can still get their calls no matter where they are. Additionally, if they are unable to answer the call, voicemails will be immediately sent to them so they can determine if it’s something that needs to be addressed right away.

Call Reporting & Call Mapping

As mentioned, miscommunication can cause an otherwise stellar customer experience to turn sour.  Call mapping and recording would allow you to show the customer exactly what was said with an easy access to a recording of all calls between service writer and the customer; eradicating any miscommunication.

VoIP Phone Systems for Parts Departments

Parts departments are typically broken up into two business segments, retail and wholesale. Both are important and revenue generating, but wholesale is your repeat business.

Call Prioritization

Easily flag inbound calls with your repeat customers to ensure those calls are prioritized and answered immediately. Build inbound call rules around these calls to ensure they are picked up such as “after 3 rings, ring all these extensions” etc.

Ring Back

Let your customers know their time is important by offering a “ring back”. It looks like this: “ You are currently 4th in line with an estimated wait time of 4 min” would you like the system to call you back at this number when an associate is available?”

VoIP Phone Systems for Dealership Admin

It’s becoming harder to find good office employees. Many people want options for working remotely either to support a sick child or simply looking for a “hybrid” work environment with working part time from home. How do you attract good people and keep them productive?

Desktop App

Many hosted VOIP systems have a desktop app for you to take your extension with you. Simply log in from your home computer and all your business calls are rerouted to your computer.

Video Conferencing

Easily launch a video conference from the desktop app for collaboration and screen sharing.

Why Work With CLOWD?

Here at CLOWD, we work with over 500 of the most popular web applications and services, including over 20 of the most popular hosted VOIP platforms as well as internet companies.  Let us do an assessment of what features you are most interested in, then we will procure a list of the best providers for you. Next, we will request quotes from these providers using our “blind bid” process so no salespeople will be calling you.
This service is free of charge.


Contact us today for a no obligation assessment and be on your way to a
more profitable dealership with happier employees.

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