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Clowd modernizes large non-profit

Northern Valley Catholic Social Services needed help. They had eleven locations with some people working remotely without any real consolidated communications platform. Reaching each other was difficult with everyone using different platforms and tools so it was a mess.

Additionally, they had a very good IT company that they used, but they really weren't equipped to analyze the complexities of 11 locations, offering different services and needing different things.

So that's where we came in.


To get all 11 locations; some with mental support, some retreat centers, some administrative offices all to consolidate onto one streamlined communications platform that will handle the demands of such a wide range of operational challenges.

Additionally, they wanted to look at different security options due to the sensitive nature of what they do and the potential dangers of intruders or mental health challenges on site.

How we helped


First, we took a deep dive into all 11 locations operational plan. Looked at hierarchies, how data flows between employees and who they serve, as well as what features would be utilized by department.


Next, we formulated a requirements summary and scope of work based on those criteria that we uncovered through our consulting.

Competitive Bids

Then we "blind bid" our findings to the top VOIP providers that met those criteria and received 6 quotes based on these companies competing with each other- averaging 28% savings off their published rates. We worked with the client to analyze the companies that worked best and picked the best vendor together with the client.

Cost Integration and Savings

We then recommended a built-in overhead alert system and AI Camera integration for security. This turns every phone into an alarm trigger; with up to 7 different pre-recorded alerts.

In then end, they were able to get a brand new, state-of-the-art unified communication system, free phones and free installation. We negotiated folding all the cabling, overhead speakers and alert system integration into their phone bill to avoid any capital expenditures.

With all this, the client spent nothing up front and their monthly phone bill actually dropped by approximately $1200/mo so we are able to reallocate $72,000 over 5 years to migrating them to Office 365 later this year.

Not a bad day :)

If you have a project you would like to explore, let us know. We're pretty good at this.

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