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Best A.I. Tools Lawyers Can Use Right Now

Lawyers always seem to be in a rush. So it makes sense that as a lawyer, you should be looking for ways to save time. Check out these cool A.I. tools designed to do just that!

  1. Ross Intelligence - Ross Intelligence is an AI platform that uses natural language processing to provide lawyers with insights and answers to legal questions. Ross Intelligence can help lawyers with legal research, case analysis, and document review.

  2. Kira Systems - Kira Systems is an AI-powered contract analysis platform that can help lawyers review and analyze contracts quickly and efficiently. Kira Systems can help lawyers identify key clauses, provisions, and risks in contracts.

  3. Lex Machina - Lex Machina is an AI platform that provides lawyers with data-driven insights for litigation and intellectual property cases. Lex Machina can help lawyers analyze judges, parties, and outcomes of previous cases to help them build a winning strategy.

  4. Casetext - Casetext is an AI-powered legal research platform that can help lawyers find relevant cases, statutes, and regulations quickly and efficiently. Casetext can also help lawyers with drafting and editing legal documents.

  5. Blue J Legal - Blue J Legal is an AI platform that provides legal predictions and analysis for tax and employment law. Blue J Legal can help lawyers with tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution.

These are just a few of the best A.I. websites for lawyers. There are many other AI websites and tools that can be useful for lawyers depending on their specific needs and areas of practice.

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