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Guidance to Cloud and AI strategies for the modern organization with

Over 500 Technology Providers
Competing for Your Business

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We guide businesses to the best technology to systematize their operations.

With our technology strategy sessions, you get

Custom Solutions mapped to your business processes  
 Best Pricing Through Vendors Competing Blindly 
 With NO Sales Calls as we handle all bids/quotes

It really is the SMARTEST way to get the tools you need!
VOIP   Internet   Security   POS   Cloud Apps   AI

How clowd works.

From start to finish, our process is designed to save you time, money, and the dreaded analysis-paralysis.

Why work with clowd?

We invite over 500 of the most popular subscription-based providers from VOIP and internet to business apps and wireless technologies to compete for your business. The best part is, you won't be bombarded with sales calls from all of these vendors--we handle everything for you!


Save Time

Small to mid-size business owners spend, on average, 120 days per year on admin tasks. This doesn't even take into account the initial time spent deciding on software. We take the guesswork out of choosing your business software and let you concentrate on what you do best--running your business!


Get Vetted Products

Odds are, you're not a software or hardware expert. So why should you have to analyze a bunch of vendors? Wouldn't it be comforting to have a trusted advisor to show you the best products available? When you work with us--that's exactly what you get. It's like having your own software consultant in the family (only we won't raid your fridge or borrow your car and leave it on empty).


Stay Competitive

In most industries, speed and agility have an advantage. That's why we offer the latest hardware for VOIP, cell phones, laptops, and more to help give you a competitive advantage.


Save Money

We contract with over 500 vendors in the business software and telecom space to bring you the best possible pricing. From there, you can choose the best vendor based on the value they bring to you. On average, our clients save at least 20% on their tech expenditures.


Stay Organized

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of systems and tools you use for your business. Then there's trying to keep constant track of who has access to what tools, and wait, who are we using for online meetings these days? Nobody has time for that--which is why we take all of your systems and put them onto one platform. No more bookmarking and searching for passwords. You can access and manage all of your systems in one convenient place.


Free Training

New systems mean new learning. To ensure you get the most out of your new tools, we help get you trained on exactly how each system or piece of hardware works. 

We make technology simple.

We are top-tier consultants and experts in our field

That's right. We give you expert advice AND we get you the absolute best price on software and hardware for your business. And you are rewarded for taking action as our fees are discounted or waived based on you applying our recommendations within 90 days.

Shopping Mall Interiors

Meet David Petree

(the brains behind clowd and your new best friend)

Founder and lead consultant for clowd, David has over 25 years of experience in enterprise-level sales and consulting with a focus on business process optimization. He is a member of the CA Cyber Security Task Force and Homeland Security Infosec team. He has testified before California Congress on small business automation and was a speaker at the United Nations summit on cyberspace in The Hague, Netherlands.

Best Quality: He's a great listener and partner for you and doesn't take any BS from technology vendors ;)

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Introducing the Marketplace

Powered by AppSmart, you will have access to over 500 technology products and services. From the business apps you use every day to new laptops and smartphones, we've got you covered. All your services are consolidated into one simple website.

All Your Licenses
All in One Place

See what you have company-wide at a glance. Easily organize all your application licenses by user, making onboarding or expiring licenses easy.

Video Conference

Our Process

Consult → Quote → Manage

We work with you and consult on your business needs, then RFQ our recommended service providers and present you with your options. Once a decision is made, we work with the vendors as a project sponsor to coordinate delivery and training.


Next, we can help you consolidate all your applications into one easy-to-use portal for management and purchasing going forward.​

As an independent broker, we're not motivated to put you into something that isn't the right fit. We've done all the research for you and will only recommend products and services that we trust.  


Welcome to clowd.

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