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Why You Need a Business Cloud Consultant

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

More than ever, businesses are relying heavily on technology to run their business. There's no way around it. However, most industries, especially small to mid-sized organizations aren't versed in technology at all.

Business IT

So where to they turn? Well, typically they either turn to their trusted consultant, Google, and try to DYI any research and implementation of new technology or they rely on their outsourced IT guy. Now IT guys are awesome, often very under appreciated technicians that keep things running.

But that's just it... There are some very business process savvy IT people out there but most are more like mechanics than consultants and yet companies lean on them for business advice just because "software" is involved. Stop doing that.

When you work with a cloud consultant, you get to lean on all their expertise, usually for free. We are paid commissions based on our reseller partnerships with multiple vendors. And spoiler, they all pretty much pay the same so we aren't motivated to point you down the wrong path as there is no advantage in doing so. You can trust that we will put you into the right technology! We are like a realtor, we are going to show you what's best for you, no advantage to us to do otherwise!

So if you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a Cloud Consultant, do it! There is literally no down side! Get in touch with us to book your free consultation.

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